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As soon as I entered Hidden Village Resort… I regretted….I regretted for my decision of one night booking, I should have done for minimum 2 nights. It was awesomeeeee man….

This resort is an awesomely beautiful natural place. I am for sure going to visit this place in Monsoon. If it’s so beautiful in winter then I just can’t imagine what will be the scenario in monsoon.

“Hidden Village Resort” is the name of a much needed break for everyone (Kids, Families, Couples & Senior citizens) who is busy in urban life. It’s a perfect refreshing & natural place at absolutely affordable price. The website of this resort “www.hiddenvillage.in” may not give you complete idea of this resort but its 10 times better than what it looks on website. Distance wise it is not more than 2 hrs. away from Mumbai (about 80kms on NH 3 towards Nashik). All details of “How to reach n all” are given on website & Google. The road to This resort is absolutely smooth and good till the gate. Its pretty close to Atagaon railway station (not more than 10 mins by vehicle or rickshaw)

HOW TO GO ??? On the Mumbai Nashik highway, 6km after Shahapur (Raj Kiran Hotel –Right Side) leave 1st left(Railway crossing) and take 2nd left (service road), left again under railway subway, then right towards Atagaon Station (on right)you are on west of railway station. This is road to Tansa Dam, drive around 2kms ahead and you will notice a bamboo enclave on the left side of the road with a sign of “H” on the wall…It is entry gate of Hidden Village Resort.


It’s a four acre living landscape. Its good for people who want to take a peaceful break from their hectic and stressful urban life. Its great for those who love nature and want to spend time with natural elements with a taste of village. The resort has a source of fresh spring that oozes water throughout year.


Hidden Village is a unique resort with natural springs, water bodies. It has beautiful and undisturbed flora and fauna. It’s a perfect place to have great time with yourself and your loved ones.
At the entrance you feel like you are about to enter a village, once you check in your room you will feel you have all needed amenities like modern wash rooms, TV with Channels, Freeze and other needed facilities. But still the natural things waiting outside your room are much
better and peaceful.

The different rooms like Patil House, Hill House, Crest House, Fern House, Hill Camp and special to mention Venus & Cupid House are justttt superb with private bath tub and lavish interiors at a very reasonable price.
Few of the best things about this resort are….Food is good and definitely leaves a memory on your taste buds as it is cooked on Indian “Chulha” with village tadka; on demand kitchen staff also prepares the food as you wish with additional cost. Nicely set up game (Game zone)area is surrounded by lush green trees, where they have provided Carom, Table Tennis, Pool and few more games for entertainment.

Many small things are taken care very well by the owner Tony D’Souza and his entire team. Room service and resort staff is amazing, very friendly and polite. The staff is very helpful in case of any needful situation. The staff is mainly from the nearby villages but they are well mannered and kind, they are as good as any hotel management guys.

Resort doesn’t allow nuisance creating crowd (no stag entries) So its a very safe & sound option for families & couples.

Swimming pool is great place to have fun with family and friends, even in the midst of a tree cover they have maintained a very clean pool by putting up shade cum roof on the pool area.

Most memorable thing is natural fish spa or foot massage at the small pond inside resort, the pond has black rocks at the bottom so the water looks black but its clean for bath and swimming also. The hundreds and thousands of small fishes does nice foot spa and that’s an amazing experience to cherish for long time. During rainy season you will also get a natural waterfall.

Overall resort is a paradise for nature lovers, Peace seekers, Bird & Macro photographers. Its a great place to relax with your family & kids in the vicinity of nature. Resort conducts lots of activities like nature trails, lake visit and many activities to begin soon.

Overall it’s a must go place…I recommend it veryyyyy strongly. Take a break and visit this hidden village, you will discover a great pleasure and treasure of nature.

Hidden Village is a Village theme based resort that gives you very basic but pure and refreshing options mostly natural, So if someone has expectations of ultra modern amenities and food, kindly dont visit this place. This is a heart touching and soul refreshing place for nature lovers and peace seekers.

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Dr. Akash Akinwar, Mumbai
Traveller, Blogger, Photographer