The hidden village is true to its name. It is really hidden unless you give proper attention to its logo outside its entrance. Hidden Village Shahpur is a serene place, good for couples.

Hidden Village has been given a village look, you will find some water bodies inside, few birds and animals wandering here and there, in evening you can witness ducks doing parade ????, bull cart parked in a corner, dining area has given a village look too.

WHERE IS HIDDEN VILLAGE? : Atgaon, Shahapur.

HOW TO REACH HIDDEN VILLAGE? : Board Kasara train, get down at Atgaon station, get a taxi or auto.

COST : 4000 per night including all meals for two people(PS : we visited Hidden Village in 2017 now price is 4025)

Cost depends on house you select, there are quite 7-8 types of houses(all are good).

One day picnic option at Hidden Village is there which costs 900Rs including meals.

We opted for Hill house at Hidden Village. All houses looks like village houses from outside but all amenities are provided inside. This is how Hill house looks.

Day 1

Hidden Village
We caught 9.15AM Kasara local from Thane station, reached Atgaon station in one hour, took taxi from there to the entrance of Hidden Village.

Just after entering inside Hidden Village, you feel like coming in a jungle, bamboo trees on both sides. After few mins walking you get to see a small water body with a small bridge over it and there itself you start relaxing your mind.

After we made our remaining payment ( half payment you need to do online for confirmation) we we’re shown our houses at Hidden Village. The route to our house was through lush greenery, a small waterfall, a fresh water pond, chirping of birds, trust me you will enjoy every single minute there if you are nature lover❤️

After we got freshen up, we went for lunch. Dining area gives village home like feeling. They provide homemade food at Hidden Village which contains sabji, roti, daal, rice, pickle, papad and sweet that to unlimited ????. It was really tasty. They also arrange non-veg if demanded.

After lunch we took small walk around the property, I was enjoying every single moment at Hidden Village with beauty of nature. We had reservation for two days so we had plenty of time. If you want you can cover everything in a day.

4.00 PM :

We we’re knowing that there is a lake behind hills on 10 mins walking distance so we planned to go there. If you don’t know just ask any coordinators there they will guide you.

Since we went to Hidden Village in month of July we found much greenery everywhere which satisfied our trip buds???? in every aspect. Even the road to lake with small springs made us all smiling till we reach there and the lake soaked us in sheer peace. It is so fascinating to look at still-water!!!

After some time it started raining lightly so headed back to our place. By the time we reach there, it was more cloudy so we went to recreation.

In recreation, you will find a pool table, a carom board, table tennis, a fuss ball table at Hidden Village.( Now they have some outdoor games and kids play area also which was under construction when we visited).

I learned to hold cue stick for the first time in my life and it was fun????. We did play table tennis, fuss ball. Now it was turn of carom but we we’re hungry so went for dinner.

At the time of lunch we asked them for non veg dinner and so they had arranged it. Dinner was also pretty good, it has homemade taste. They do have a small shop beside dinning area to buy snacks.

After our dinner we again Headed to recreation as I wanted to do some Mastery in pool 😉

Day 2

11.00 AM

We got up little late????, then freshen up and went for lunch. In lunch we had proper veg homemade thali.

After lunch it was time to have some fun time in water!!!!! We stared with waterfall, got soaked there, it was fun playing around in water. Then we headed their small fresh water pool. It could have been more clean but it’s okay. They have 2-3 balls there, we played in water here and there till evening.

Around 4.00/5.00 PM we decided to stop water splurging and get into rooms for hot water bath.

Now it was time for evening snacks. So we went to dining area and got served with garma garam poha and tea/coffee, again it was tasty and we were super hungry at that time.

They serve tea/coffee in small earthen pots which looks cute!!

Sadly after breakfast we found out that one of our friends is not feeling well so we decided to be in room for entire evening and played indoor games.

At night around 9.00 PM had our dinner and went to sleep.

Day 3

On last day we got up early as we didn’t want to miss our breakfast so after getting fresh we headed for breakfast with our bags packed so that we can check out after breakfast (we’re lazy enough to not go back to room and come with bags).

In breakfast options were bread butter, bread omelette, misal pav, tea/coffee.

After check out we decided to take walk till Atgaon station as we wanted to enjoy nature around.

Thus our 2 day stay in hidden village was super awesome and we grab so many memories there.

I highly recommend to visit Hidden Village in monsoon as it is treat to eyes and soul.

Soon after we went in one of our rooms at Hidden Village and did chit chat till we fell asleep.