Name :PranayUpadhye
Email Id 14/2/2103
Comments :The place is really Hidden from outside world. I had heard about Hidden Village from one of my friend, I guess two years ago, since then I was planning to come there, I used to call up Tony for booking, but couldn’t make it to Hidden Village somehow. I planned to visit Hidden Village my colleagues, they all visited, but I couldn’t come there somehow, but now, finally, I visited Hidden Village. It’s an awesome place to visit. I stayed in Tribal house. I enjoyed our stay in Hidden Village. No Pollution, no noise really serene place. Everything is same as mentioned on the site. Would visit Hidden Village over and over. Hidden Village ROCKSSS... Thanks Tony...

Name :Rantidev Singh
Email Id 4/1/13
Comments :This was a surprise to me from friend .This is nice place to be specially if you love nature and village.All arrangements were up to the mark and food was good and i specially like services .

Name :MaheshChoudhary 29/12/12
Email Id :
Comments :Its the most wonderful place yet i have visited. i have visited this place twice & still comes to feel the nature & the different types of houses/rooms. Great * weel designed place which enters to the world where you can see & feel only nature. The fresh water swimming pool is one of its kind i ever seen. Overall the place is AWESOME & so CALM which is perfect for a break from busy life. No wonder the staff & service is just fulfils your heart needs & the food is fresh & delicious (especially the fish is tasty). I would recommend every one to visit this place at least once & feel the nature.

Name :Amruta
Email Id 26/12/12
Comments :Excellent Place, Excellent Service and Super Excellent Concept ! Kudos to the Designers for planning and executing such a lovely concept village! We stayed here for a day and fell in love with this place! Its a perfect peace lovers paradise! Will definitely come back with friends and family and also recommend it to all who want a perfect break away from the city and routine run-of-the mill resorts! Keep up the good job!!


Name :AnirudhTanpure
Email Id 17/12/12
Comments :we got to know about this place from internet and i decided to go there with my fiancy...we booked exotic house and i must say it was same as they display it on internet we just loved the room and entire place of hidden village its really forth to go over there... we really enjoyed the natural beauty of this village.... the rooms are also spacious and clean... food was awesome and the staff is also very decent and helpful. Thanks Mr Tony for your support also and we really loved this place and love to visit again...


Name :Aparna Banerjee
Email Id 3/12/12
Comments :Hello Hidden Village Team ,
We were recent visitors at your resort , 30th Nov - 1st Dec 2012 . It was a nice experience . The place is not for fun &masti , it is for relaxing . The staff @ the resort are very humble . Food - It is simple maharastrian food, but tasty . I whole heartedly thank the people for serving us rice bhakri on our request. People planning to visit ,dont expect more from this place , it is very simple. I would like to suggest ,dont change the place, let it be natural. It is this thing which makes it beautiful . I feel we mumbai citizens need sumtimes to experience the beauty of nature .
All the best & keep up the good work .


Name :AnshumanChaudhury
Email Id 17/11/12
Comments :\"In the lap of nature\" that\'s exactly what it feels like being at Tony\'s Hidden Village. Its a forgotten world which beckons us..its where we actually belong, this is where we all come from..mother nature. Tony and his team are doing an amazing job!! Have a chat with Tony and you\'d realize that there\'s passion in this man, a passion for mother nature, not merely just a business.we felt like we were at our own home,the staff is excellent and the food is delicious...this place is ours!! All of us are a part of mother nature, therefore everyone must strive to do as much as he/she can for it.Each and every one of us must learn a lesson from this effort that Tony has made...more people should come and see this place and find themselves..its an eye opener! I had visited this place once in July..and now am looking forward to a December visit next month!(can hardly wait!)..I would like to specially mention the staff, they are very helpful and courteous..we actually forgot to hand back our keys during check out...I realized I had the keys with me when I was on the way back home. We called up the resort, they were very helpful..and then we spoke to Tony, who handled the situation in a very composed manner. Made us feel better!! :) So guys..take your families, your children to the hidden village, it might be the most valuable gift that you might ever give them.


Name :Francis Raj
Email Id 11/11/12
Comments: Hidden Village is place for good moment we should reserve for getaway, the place worked to make sure every detail of our getaway was handled. The concierge arranged for all the needs. Landlord provided a personal touch and the cookies he left the night were awesome, We stayed in the EXOTIC HOUSE and they were exceptionally nice. We were in room for one night and it had an incredible porch with inside/outside with swimingpool lighting in the night. The eating place was complimentary and we enjoyed all those especially the pets. Breakfast was included at the Hidden Village and it was very unique and quite tasty and especially enjoyed the Coffee. Water fall is terrible noise if you tried to go closer you can enjoy doing the fish pedicure. We had to Checkout in the morning but it was so awesome I had to extant for a day more again all the house have television includes a \"Jacuzzi Bath Tub\" with hot water. Worth all of the hype! I rarely get this excited about homemade food now a days but I was definitely excited about the food here, so good! The place is very cute, very cozy and intimate, would be a great spot to take a getaway. The service was impeccable, with as many as 3 servers waiting on our table at times (there was only 2 of us). Also Mr. Tony took us to some good place on the top of the mountain the Dams are there. Overall a wonderful experience that we hope to return to once again. :)


Name :Yathartha Mishra
Email Id: 31/10/12
Comments: It’sa exclusion from your busy working life. Serene and beautiful. The time you start walking among those bamboos and see a stone embossed with Hidden Village on it, you will start thinking \"you are in a fantastic place\". Food and tea was really good. Will be coming back soon with my group.


Name :VishalNarkar
Email Id 11/9/12
Comments: On behalf of Vengaboys Group. We had been to this place from the reference of our friend who visited earlier here. We found the place is very calm and word to express. Environment we found near our room was amazing. We were our group of 9 went to this place. This was our meet around after 5 to 6 years and after having a good time here we decided to meet every year here at this place only. Our coming visit is in Oct. Food is tasty and serves at your rooms also that was also we found very nice. Good place for Family, Friends and couples to spend a good time. Dear Tony, We are coming again to rock our meet this time. Luxurious, environmental, comfortable, hospitality all you will found at one place.


Name :PrasadKastur
Email Id 14/8/12
Comments: It’s a beautiful place we must say... Me and my wife had been to hidden village for our first anniversary and hidden village really made it a memorable one for us. The food was amazing as well as the service.. We love to be there again and again...


Name :GlenZee
Email Id 19/6/12
Comments: We got to know about this place from someone who had earlier visited this place and were so happy so even we all decided to visit this place. We were a group of our Office frndz.i think in my opinion it’s a beautiful place. We got time to relax from our busy schedules and had the best time ever. The hospitality shown by the staff and what welcome dey provide its simply impressive. Will definitely be going back again and thankusooo much dats all i would say....The place is just beautiful and amazing place to visit and relax...........istjst amazing.. U mst go n Visit 1nc..:)


Name :Anthony D\'souza
Email Id 15/6/12
Comments: Hi, I\'ve been her 3 times. Twice with my Family & once with friends. Amazing place during the monsoons. Love the greenery around the whole place. Easily accessible by road. The food was excellent. Would love to come back here again. Love the natural fish pedicure. Thanks for a wonderful experience every time.


Email Id 12/6/12
Comments :Awesome place to spend a weekend from the busy schedule. We had been a Sunday but the experience was as if we had been to our native for 15 days or so was delicious and just too good.......salute the efforts taken by john and his entire team....hoping to visit again soon


Name :Veena
Email Id :... 4/6/12
Comments :Awesome experience....
I stay for 1 day in Tent, it was really an amazing experience to stay in tent with unlimited food, swimming pool & village atmosphere... For peace & for weekend it’s a recommendable place...
Name :Anjali Sharma
Email Id 12/5/12
Comments :Mind Blowing Experience, Amazing Place, Planning to visit again, A very good co-operative staff nice view, Good work Hidden village Team keep it up

Name :drchetan gharat
Email Id
Comments :fantastic, just what u see in the pictures posted on their website. i was in exotic was mind-blowing .i had peace in the village greenery, did some water rafting in swimming pool....enjoyed spa....played table tennis......ate fabulous homemade food.......hidden village rocks......will go there again and again......


Name :Smriti Arora
Email Id
Comments :We got to know about this place from someone who had earlier visited this place and were so happy so even we all decided to visit this palce. we were a group of 6 frndz.i think in my opinion its such a beautiful place. We got time to relax from our busy schedules and had the best time ever. The hospitality shown by the staff and what welcome dey provide its simply impressive. Will definitely be going back again and thanku sooo much dats all i would say....The place is just beautiful and amazing place to visit and relax...........
Message from Ashutosh Nadkarni:
It was a wonderful stay at Hidden Village on 25-26 Feb. All of us enjoyed there and we all felt it was the best choice. The staff was very friendly and supportive. The food was excellent as well. Overall it was an experience that would make us visit the place again. I am recommending this place to my friends as well.

We met Tony while we were leaving and had a nice chat with him. We provided him with a suggestion that including the local talent and skills like making bricks or a visit to the nearest brick ovens would create more attraction and add to agenda of the visitors, esp those coming for a day…….


Hello Hidden Village Team,
A very good evening to you.
We visited Hidden Village today and are glad to have visited this place.
We understand the importance of simplicity in interaction of humans with every aspect of life.
This is the reason why we have our (BELHOB's) tag line as "Engineering Simplicity".
Today we realized how you have used the "Simplicity" factor to touch all human senses.
The Hidden Village rejuvenated our mind, body and soul by tickling all our senses.
We would also like to mention that we were over whelmed with the hospitality at hidden village.
From the person who confirmed our booking just on a phone call and a promise of making the payment late evening; to the person who served us food, everyone was at his best and everything was just perfect.
All your efforts towards "The Hidden Village" are worth appreciating.
This place is worth visiting again.
Good work. keep it up.
Thanks and Regards,
Bipin Gautam Taksande
Co-Founder, Director

Name :Sachin Dsouza
Email Id
Comments :a place so near Mumbai, yet far away from the concrete jungle. Peace of Mind and Tranquility is what one will feel when you visit this place. The food is simple and home like, the staff is very cooperative and the best part is that all the staff belong to the local village. it\'s like you actually are in the village. next trip in the monsoon.


Name :Ajeet N.Shenoy
Email Id
Comments :Dear team, What you have created in Hidden Village is as close to paradise on earth if not paradise. We were five (which includes 2 couples and one 4 year old kid). We just loved the place and the food was also beautiful. We came in on the 28th of december 2011 and left the next day. It was surreal to say the least in this concrete jungle. My wife found this place while searching the world wide web, and i must say, i definitely commend her for finding out about such a wonderful place. We look forward to come again in the coming month (infact i plan to bring my parents here too) and allow us all to enjoy the beautiful place called Hidden Village. Good job TONY!


Name :Ashish Singhania
Email Id
Comments :A place to relax,spend quality time with frnds.Clean place n staff being very homely. they even allowed us to cook our own maggi in their kitchen.loved d place


Name :Ummehani
Email Id :
Comments :Hidden Village is highly recommended for people looking for peace & serenity in this busy world. Here is a place which brings time to a halt & lets you relish all the boons nature has to give. Truly said as Hidden Village; it is a place in remote place in Atgoan & once entered there is a whole new world to explore. The staying place (suggestible Tribal Village House) is absolutely neat & with all the latest facilities. The Staff, although not professional, are absolutely caring in nature & at your service through-out. Not to forget the catch of the place- Flowing river with Fish Pedicure in it. A must visit place & worth the value.


Name :Savio Dsouza
Email Id
Comments :Hey tony thanks for having us, trully enjoyed our stay as this one was special since we got to stay in ur new room keep up the good and hard work been put in day in day out by ur team n you will soon cu later!!! cheers guys


Name :Amin Merchant
Email Id
Comments :excellent location, good hospitality... it was memorial stay for our entire family.....our kids and parents too enjoyed the village stay....greenery with excellent food followed with cozy room and polite staff.......count us again we will be back very soon..

Name :Vivek Venkatachari
Email Id
Comments :Really a awesome place to come in and relax... The surroundings makes you so relaxed that we get away with our mental blocks.... Mr. tony and the team have really worked hard to give us this wonderful experience.... A must visit for the person who needs a real relaxation and wants to enjoy the mother nature..... Great work tony and the team....

Name :Gladwyn Dcosta
Email Id
Comments :Visited the place. The trill is to find it is really hidden , no signs or prominent name plate even on the gate. Enjoyed the hospitality, food and service. The waterfall is nice . Worth an experience.


Name :Sidharth & Rupa
Email Id
Comments :Fantastic place!Anyone looking for cutting off from urban life, will love this place! Good quality of food, homestyle cooking (donot expect a \'resort like\' buffet, its basic and rustic. Water quality despite the monsoons was good. It has a quite a few mosquitoes but you can get rid of them with some good\'ol mosquito repellant coil n you\'d do good if you apply \'Odomos\' both are provided here. Bed linen is clean, bathrooms are clean and above all the staff there are courteous and \'service\' oriented. Do feel free to write in to us at - for some more insights of the place. For ppl from Mumbai, one advice if you are driving down - Always take the Eastern Express Highway and go through Thane. Never take the Western Exp highway! Cheers!

I came for a weekend vacation to destress and came back with a piece of heaven! I feel like i became one with nature here - the rustic cottage, the stream, pedicure by fish (its a must try),the greenery all around and siting outside the cottage at night to see fireflies all around -these are the best memories i take away... Not to mention the staff who are really helpful! Loved the place tony.. its a place im bound to keep coming back to..thanks for the best weekend i have had in a long time.
Primsi Nair…

I couldn't imagine , just 80 kms from bombay, I could find a place so serene and calm. A Place with its own pace that would make you stop and notice mother nature. A place which mixes modern amenities in a traditional setting. Just spending 24hrs wasn't enough for me. I will definetly be back again.
Smita & Ben Salins…

Aptly named, 'Hidden Village' is a treasure that is still unknown to most people even living close to it. A mere distance of 2 kms from pollution - noise and air, hustle n bustle of the city, you land up in an abundance of lushness, verdant greenery of such not seen often. The efforts of Mr. Tony D'Souza and his staff are to be highly appreciated. Tony, you have created this masterpiece out of what nature has gifted this place, keeping it unspoilt and thus, exotic! A place of bliss indeed!
Ranjani Sriram…

I was there at this exotic place in the last week of December and believe me, its one of the best experiences of my life. I\'ve been an intense domestic traveler and have’nt seen anything close to \"Hidden Village\". Its a wonderful place to reconcile with mother nature and self. Thanks a lot to Tony for creating this green patch for us. I think there should be yearly packages soon. Just two lines to describe the overall experience: HIDDEN VILLAGE KOI GAON NAHI, YE TO JAADU KI NAAON HAI. Means, \"Hidden Village\" is not a village but its a magical boat which transcends into another dimension! See you again, great stress buster!
Agastya and Bindiya Kapoor…

Its truly a paradise within a paradise, and a chance to feel the aspects of nature that forever stay put in your heart even after you have left the place. You can sing with the birds, talk to the tress, and feel the very air around you. And to top it up, the local food served is healthy and true. So if you are still trying to understand nature, then this place is awaiting you.
Rakshit shah….

What could be the other best way to spend ones birthday than to be in the midst of the nature. We enjoyed every single moment spend in hidden village right from the Serenity of the forest upto the pool table and table tennis. Its so well designed to give the raw “Jungle” feel but yet comfortable and clean rooms. The guests are welcomed very warmly by every one along with good food and breakfast. All our best wishes for the amazing creation…………enjoyed thoroughly ……..
Dr Lekha and Jaideep Joshi….Dombivl

Traveling the world and seeking peace is a goal meant for those lunatics, hippies and the likes. This place got me so enchanted that for a moment it just transported me back in time when I used to visit our dear old rustic GOAN villages (not the beaches). It smelt the same, felt the same and the people u dealt also were the same nice and honest.

The simple, natural and touch-the-heart kinda feel of these simple looking non-professional stewards makes a world of a difference to your senses as they don’t work in the typical stereo-type style. Their outlook and warmth makes u feel almost like u are blended with nature. The silky smooth kick the place gives u is similar to the one when u have a matured 25 yr old single malt whisky.

The whole place will just jump out and start talking you, provided u keep pin drop silence. The night sky, surely feel like a blanket of stars. Hey you got to be there to actually immerse yourself in the soft and sweet smelling arms of nature.
tony, I am sure u have worked on this right deep from your heart and I wish u all the best.
Herman Carneiro – Mumbai –.


As we are on short trip to the spot, we fall in love with the spot. Our group is wandering all over India as well as Nepal but as nature lovers this spot is appealing. We decided to come again with family and share joy with them.

Everyone has his own idea to develop a spot and others like it if they have some nature nurture. There is a little chance to improve vegetation but it may be your way.
Thank you & like to meet you personally.
Saptarshi Trekers
Robert Menezes.


Dear friend,
You have created a wonderful world in this hustle n bustle world in which we are living. The experience was simply wonderful. The peace & serenity of the place is simply beyond words. I appreciate your thought process & the hard work put in by you in creating & designing this wonderful place.

This place is blessed with a natural and perennial water stream which is considered very auspicious. You have designed this villa to appeal to the taste of every person. I will always cherish this experience. I must thank Maurice who arranged for this trip. My best wishes to you. Please keep up this good work which you have undertaken.

I wish to put on record the exemplary service provided by your support staff. I wish them ALL THE BEST.
Best Regards.
Suhas Halke
G.M. Operations.

Wow !! what can words say to DESCRIBE THE MOST AMAZING SERENE PLACE I have been.
An ABSOLUTE OASIS amidst a country place of hustle & bustle.
Cannot wait to come back during the next wet season for my WATERFALL MASSAGE.
Love the moon.
7/460 Collins St.
Melbourne. Vic.

Thank you Tony for creating such a wonderful place.
It is good to feel alive again in such a primitive place where nature expresses itself in such a nice and harmonious way with the great help of your staff.
I guess it will be a matter of time for people to discover this place and come to relax and enjoy this unique place on earth.
Thank you
Francisco Tangari
Charleston, S.C., U.S.A.

Eu undio de una agobiante India, encontre un oasis de leiuosos paisajes y gente de aluna bucua los unouientlp parados enle “jungle” juidaiau por licenpe au uni coutoi.

Jorge Jorges

The Owner of this “Shangri-la”
When Thomas More wrote about “Utopia”, he had a perfect, dreamlike world in mind. The world’s quest for this ideological Utopia seems impossible…..but you have made it possible.

This luxurious cottage in the midst of lush green exuberance beats all experiences!! The solace, satisfaction and sublimity of this place is par excellence. Even The Taj and The Oberoi seem dwarfed in the presence of this majestic, mystical and magical mansion.

The waterfall, natural landscapes and peaceful environment juxtaposed with the grand collection of books, comfortable rooms and facilities facilitated by a host of excellent staff make it an experience worth cherishing……

An unforgettable, enriching experience, this place is truly a paradise, “jannat” in the true sense.

“Kaun jaaye Zauq, par Dilli Ki galiyan chhod kar?.... gar jannat ka sukoon to bas yahin hai, aur kahin nahin”
With regards
From: A. N. Sharma and family


The ambience of the place in unparallel.
Some of the great things are the waterfall, the serenity of the place, the play zone and especially the hospitable behavior of the staff makes one feel at home. The accommodation facilities too were very good.

In the ethnic set up, all modern facilities are provided which makes the stay luxurious and entertaining.

Rohit Phadnis & fly

Oh! What a fascinating “Hidden Village” away from the hustle and bustle of the world. This is ideal place for the Nature Lovers. It’s a wonderful place with a mini waterfall, beautiful landscape and natural springs.
Thanks Tony for this beautiful experience. We enjoyed a lot.

By S.V.P. Members of
St. Anthony Church Valsad.


Really we enjoyed this Place!!
We try to come again…
Thanks to God and those who help us to come here…
Thanks a lot.

S.P.Marinathan & fly
S.V.P. Member. Valsad.


Most amazing experience we had so far. Truly exceptional service. The ambience just suits perfect for the stress free stay. The jungle atmosphere is truly Brilliant. If anyone is looking for a pleasant stay for a weekend, this is the place I suggest to everyone who like the rustic environment. Feels very much at home here. The food is very authentic and works like a cherry on the cake. Would definitely visit soon.
Deepan Raje

To the owner of this wonderful place, This is the only one place in the world I have seen. It is quiet away from the city, pollution and traffic. It is a place where people can rest enjoy and feel themselves comfortable. It is peaceful and pleasant. We stayed for two days. I loved the most the natural spring, the games like pool table tennis, darts and carom. All the breakfast, lunch and dinner was mind blowing. We are very thankful to you for the peaceful, happy and enjoyful experience. It feels as if we are really in the forest and in the woods. We also took a walk on the hillside, and we had a beautiful look all over the village. I had a wonderful time with the turkeys, chickens, ducks, goats and the tree house (Machan). I will surely want to visit this place again and again.
Krishleen Kaur & family (Std – V – B ) Jankidevi Public School. Mumbai.

Dear Sir, This is a beautiful place, a small world in its own, away from the routine and stressful life of Mumbai, a change from the monotonous life. I appreciate the hard work done to create nature and also in designing this wonderful place which is really impressive authentic and great for nature lovers, we’d love to be back here and visit you..
With regards….Mrs Kohli and fly….Andheri