Hidden Village
Sakhroli Village, Atgaon, Shahapur,
Thane - 421301,Maharashtra, India.
Contact: +91 986 7155 792 / 9702055792
  F A Q
  Our Website is our Identity, Your visit a check on Reality.
Please take time to read this which will answer most of your queries about us, this is based on the regular and most frequently asked queries by guests, it will help you to decide quicker with a lesser time on phone call.
  1) What facilities do you have?  
  It has one pool for swimming, infused with about 20K litres of fresh water daily.
Pond in rock with flowing spring water for swimming.
Play area for adults with pool table, hand soccer, table tennis, caroms etc.
Play area for small kids up to 12 with swings see-saw slide merry go round etc.
Dense greenery that gives you the feel of being inside a forest.
Water fall for six months starting in monsoons.
Those serving you are cent per cent residents of the same village.
Kids and adults have a chance to see barn animals live and breed freely.
Spa / Massages, pedicure & manicure are now available, lady masseur for ladies and gent for gentlemen.

  2) Are there any tourist spots around to visit?  
  No there are no tourist spots around.
The idea of Hidden Village is to give an experience of how it would be like to live in a jungle village that’s all.
But we ensure adequate comfort to visitors inside houses.
However a 30 minute walk to and fro to a lake in our back hills is a treat for those who like to wander off in nature.One can trek up hill in the mountains, it can thrill any mountaineering enthusiast.
There is a beautiful temple one km away called Mata Mandir towards Tansa with colourful statues of many deities good for those who are spiritually inclined.
A 10 km drive to Tansa Dam through a beautiful forest is nice during monsoons to Feb. You can view Tansa Lake on right side. Security forbids peoples visit on the Dam as it’s a BMC property and drinking water to Mumbai.
A drive of 26 kms to ModakSagar Dam (Vaitarna), beyond Tansa dam on a lonely desolate road with view of lake and winding road up and downhill through forest, is something which some of our ‘driving enthusiastic’ visitors have done and enjoyed. We however don’t recommend as it is a desolate road and long drive, good perhaps for those staying for two days with a sturdy new car.
  3) Where is this place?  
  1 hour from thane, on the Mumbai Nasik highway.
Landmarks as follows: Thane toll naka + KalyanBhivandi signal + Shangrila water park (right side) + New expressway toll naka + Jindal Aluminium Huge blue plant (right side) + Kamat’s Food hub (left side) + ShivajiraoJondale white college buildings (left side) + Shahapur town starts here on left with a white huge dome Gurudwara (left side) + another two kms police RTO chowki cabin (left) + continue drive on highway + leave first left it’s a railway crossing called Pundhe Fata + take second left it’s a service road, slopes downward take underpass left below railway track, then immediately right + you will now pass through Atgoan market place with Atgaon station on right + Call up from here so someone will be posted on the road who can receive you. + From Atgaon drive on the same winding tar road another two kms + Go slow, at Left is a simple bamboo fence gate, covered with golden yellow bamboo clumps on both side forming an arch at entry + If you miss, immediately after that is a Yellow cottage, with cement compound wall having coconuts tree inside (not seen anywhere in the vicinity) + if you still miss that then don’t go beyond a km away Mata Mandirprominient on right side.
There are no sign boards or indicator on the road, neither on our entry so you may miss that’s why you call up before reaching from Atgaon.
  4) How to reach ?  
From Pune – Vashi?

drive to Mumbai via expressway, take the Airoli route, get on eastern express highway take right and drive towards Nasik (further)read 3rd question. There are no sign boards or indicator on the road neither on our entry so you may miss that’s why you call up before reaching.

From Mumbai ?take the eastern express if you are south of jogeshwari any route (BKC), JVLR, Povaietc and drive out of Mumbai towards Thane and on to Mumbai Nasik highway. Those coming from goregaon and north can take western express highway, drive via Dahisar check naka, kashimira and take the Ghodbunder road at the junction of Fountain Hotel. Drive the full length of Ghodbunder road and take left at the connection point to eastern express (don’t go under the bridge or you’ll enter Thane city) at this point you are on Mumbai Nasik highway.Check the 3 question here on.
There are no sign boards or indicator on the road neither on our entry so you may miss that’s why you call up from Atgaonbefore reaching.

From Nasik ?
Take the Mumbai Nasik highway, cross Manas at igatpuri, drive through kasara highway belt, drive past Palash Veg restaurant (right side), drive past Midway Park restaurant (right side) 3 kms from here is visible Atgaon station on right side, keep left and take service road, take the subway under highway, and the subway under railway, then take right you are at atgaon market place, call up from here, we post a person on our gate. Its just two kms from here on the left with a clump of golden yellow bamboos forming an arch with bamboo fence entry.
There are no sign boards or indicator on the road neither on our entry so you may miss that’s why you call up from Atgaonbefore reaching.

From Palghar – Manor ?
Take the Mastaan Naka drive to Wada, drive to Aghai village Tansa, and down towards Atgaon station, we are one km from Mata mandir on your right side. Call up from Tansa so our man will be on road to usher you in.
  5) What is the food like?  
  We have fix menu, its local Maharastrian food.
Breakfast consists of Misal Bread &/or aloobhaji & /or tomato chutney &/or tomato omelette with chapatti & bread butter jam and tea. Egg omelette or bhurji for non-veg.
Lunch consists of two veggies, dal, rice, chapatti, salad, chaas, papad, pickles, for vegetarians. For non- veg, along with the above Grill fish (local fresh water) or chicken sukka. Fresh seasonal fruit or kheer or gulabjamunthere after.
Noon tea with kaandhapowa or uppma.
Dinner same as lunch with different veggies and chicken curry, second day would be mutton for the non veg.
Sweet dish gajar /dudhee halwa or gulab jamun
  6) Do you make Jain food?  
  Yes we do make Jain food on prior request. We also make rice bhakri, pitla typical Maharastrian food on request, no extra charges, but depends on the feasibility and the number of people booked for the day.  
  7) Can one order food items apart from the package included food?  
  Yes we now can provide food items, soups, starters, other snacks, Chinese meals, which are listed in a Menu kept in the rooms. These are exclusive from package, and will have to be paid for extra.  
  8) What are the meal timings?  
  Breakfast starts at 9.00 am to 10.30, Lunch (1.30 to 3.00 pm) , Noon tea snack 4.30 to 6.00 pm dinner 8.30 to 10.30 pm.  
  9) Is there room service?  

Guests: have an option to take all meals in common dining area at No Extra costs.

Guests : who would like to have meals served in rooms, will be served in the room, where a flat room service charge will be applicable, for Day Visitors as well as Overnight residents. This will be tiffin service of the same items on the menu for the day on the buffet, and of course any extras if ordered as well.

Groups: As of now we don’t have the facility for room service for Groups, therefore the meals will be in the main dining area.

Special Persons: Senior citizens, pregnant ladies, physically challenged persons, room service will be provided at no extra cost.

  10) How is the drinking water?  
  We use our own spring water from our well, which is piped through and filtered by aquaguard for drinking and cooking usage.  
  11) What facilities are there in the room?  
  All houses have TV, fridge, A/c etc. Bathrooms have English commodes. Every house is designed in such a way as to give privacy and enough open space for veranda and open yard.  
  12) How is the hygiene?  
  It is managed by the local villagers who take it as a pride to service and manage it for the city cousins; yes it is kept clean all the time. It does not have any migrant workers.  
  13) Do you allow pets?  
  Yes we do not mind pets, provided they don’t become nuisance to other guests.  
  14) What is the booking procedure?  
  As this is a small facility, and houses are few (10 nos) it gets booked quickly and currently people book few weeks in advance to get a weekend date (Saturday – the most sort after day).
Therefore we suggest you call up and check for the day that you desire if it is available, following that you take a decision and confirm on phone if the date is available.
This will need a 50% payment advance to block the date and house, which will be through deposit in our account through online, bank transfer, NEFT or cash deposit.
Once it shows up in our system we will acknowledge it via ansms. That confirms your booking. For cancellation check our cancellation policy in the website.
  15) Do you have conference facility for corporates?  
  We don’t have conference facility. We have designed this place for small groups, families, couples and friends.  
  16) Can we play cricket?  

Yes there is a small ground not only for cricket, but Volley ball and badminton as well as group games in open area.

  17) How is the mobile connection?  

Most networks are available most of the time, but in certain areas / spots you don’t get signals, especially in the houses below near the stream.

  19) What are the tent facilities?  
  We have a large structure, of wood poles and pipes with a bamboo chatai and tarpaulin roof, water and sun proof. It is open on all sides, just sort of fenced with agro net to give privacy. This is attached with a toilet bath. This has underneath three to four camping tents with a capacity of 12 to 15 nosfor each tent house. It has an open sit out with fans above, now provided with a TV and a bottle cooler fridge. These camping tents work as bedrooms, fitted with light and vertical cooler fan.  
  20) How safe is the place for family?  
  Hidden Village is completely safe for all. We have senior citizens with grandchildren and children come so often. Ensure one does not go in dark areas of forest at night, and don’t throw food around that may attract unwanted visitors. As the village is managed by and serviced by the same villagers, it helps to keep out such problems.  
  21) Why do I have to show Id proof?  
  This is the local police requirement, as demanded by them.  
  22) What is fish pedicure?  
  In the rock pond, below the bridge near the waterfall, there are local fish which during monsoons get flushed out by rain water. As the water current reduces this fish swim upstream and get to this pond. Here they multiply in tens of thousands and that’s where when people get into the pond they do the little bit of harmless nibbling which called fish pedicure is enjoyed by visitors.  
  23) If we come by train, how do we come?  
  You take the Kasara local train, which is every about 2 hours, so plan in advance and know the train schedule. You have to get to the west of the station at Atgaon.
The jeeps sometimes take you, if there is a bigger group of 12 to 15. Generally auto rickshaws are not available here as it’s not feasible for them to ply on this route.
However there are some rickshaws that are known to us and they can be called to ply you to the Hidden village. As they come from a distance and are not stationed there on a regular basis they charge 100 Rs to drop you there, you could be one person or four, it will be same amount though depends how many he can take.
  24) How is the electricity power scene?  
  Fortunately we fall in the continuous power supply grid that has a dedicated power commitment to Atgaon industrial complex and a large company at Aghai at tansa, this ensures we have no power shut downs every day or frequently. We have an inverter back up for short outages, where partial lighting is on. For a total back up we have an 82.5 kW DG, sufficient for the complete facility when needed.  
  25) Do you allow DJ music and rain dance?  
  This is clearly a place for peace and calm, although on Sundays when people are a little more in numbers it becomes less calm. However we do not allow DJ music, guests can bring their music but it’s ensured that it does not cause noise pollution to neighbours and nocturnal birds above.  
  26) What are the check in and check out times?  

a) Day/night visitors check in 11.00 am (starts with lunch) check out next morning 10.00 am (post breakfast). We do have evening check-ins as well, that’s check in at 7 pm (starts with dinner) check out next evening at 6 pm (post evening tea snack).

b) Day visitors check in time 10.00 am till evening 6.00 pm. Room available from 11.00 am onwards.

c) As we only cook for those booked on the particular day, it would be courteous to inform, if there changes in arrival timings hence food is not wasted.