Nature Craft
GLOBAL COOLING STARTS HERE…….. Don’t believe it? Take a reality check at Hidden Village.
Check here! What man can also do if he decides to nurse nature in his own way ?

Land has always been at the mercy of man, who exploits it for his benefit. He hunts animals, birds, fishes and other living species for his food, sport and fancy. Man has been cutting trees and using wood for his housing, firewood and sport. Man takes rocks stones and soil again for his housing, brick making, agriculture etc. Therefore man hardly gives back or works to restore the earth back to its own unspoilt, natural independent growth and living. Earth has the capability to regrow and bounce back to its own natural and independent living, but man has enslaved it for his sick avarice.

Nestling on the periphery of the larger Tansa forest, near the higher back end of Mahuli Mountains in the foot hills of Western Ghats,existed a meek and similarly persecuted destitute four acre patch of land.

In the backdrop of continuing unrestrained deforestation these few acres of land were rescued some years back and the denizens ‘flora n fauna’ given liberty to grow and multiply under fullest protection, without the fear of the Axe wielding Man and his Sling Shot wielding kids.

A visit here is a snap shot of experience of a time when man may have actually lived in harmony with nature, and how nature in return in its fullest splendour embraces man with serenity and tranquillity.

Springs that emerge from within the village, creating a perennial stream, gliding over smooth rocks, along with gurgling, trickling, falling and gushing sounds are a treat to a meditational mind. Monsoon till December the village is blessed with a waterfall that provides visitors a frolicsome massage.

While fish, crabs, frogs, tiny shrimps, mud turtles inhabit the lower water soaked stream bed – monitor lizard, rabbit, mongoose, wild fowl, kingfishers etc. are rare sights. In the upper lush green tree tops a variety of rare birds have been sighted in different seasons.Glow worms in late summer to early monsoons are a treat to watch.

Winter to late summers the multiplying of tiny fish into thousands in the main rock pool provides the nibbling effect, when restricted to limbs is called pedicure by visitors.

On entry to the Hidden Village the sky almost disappears and temperature drops mildly. Like axes that are restricted here so are the advices from our architect friends, hence the landscape is spared the mauling, retaining the rusticity with a fusion of modern amenities inside the houses only.

one may not experience all of the above in a day visit, as this narrative is a short synopsis from a collective experience of one who has lived here for many years.


Please do not expect a Valmiki village, with straw houses, deers, swamis and Shakuntalas, or people moving with bow and arrows of the Vedic past. This is a contemporary Indian village that just evolves, not directed by an architect nor produced by a fat man. While it embodies all elements of nursing regrowth of nature very conspicuously, it certainly is designed to soak up man’s stress so he can for a day just chill from his daily city pressured life, rejuvenate and go back home.


"To enjoy it's peace calm and nature, it's Ideal to visit during weekdays i.e. (Monday to Friday) as on weekends visitors are more, although we restrict numbers to a manageable level"

Hidden Village